Authorizing No-Excuse Absentee Ballot Voting

You can vote Yes or No on this ballot proposal, which would amend the New York State Constitution.

What you will see on the ballot

The proposed amendment would delete from the current provision on absentee ballots the requirement that an absentee voter must be unable to appear at the polls by reason of absence from the county or illness or physical disability. Shall the proposed amendment be approved?

Proposal Summary

Under the New York State Constitution, voters are currently required to affirm that they are out of town on the day of the election, ill, or physically disabled in order to vote by mail. All other voters are required to vote in person. While all New York voters are temporarily eligible to vote by mail due to the risk of COVID-19, this amendment could permanently expand that eligibility. This proposal would amend the State Constitution to allow the State Legislature to pass new laws that would give all New York voters the option to vote by mail without providing an excuse.

If Ballot Question #4 Passes

  • The New York State Constitution would be amended to give the State Legislature the power to pass new laws that allow more New York voters to vote by mail.
  • Passing this proposal would not guarantee that laws will change, but it would give lawmakers the ability to pass new laws that allow New York voters to vote by mail without needing to provide a reason.

Statements for and against the proposal

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